FiXiT has been testing our Final Fix methodology on the island of St. Croix since 2010. As a result, we have increased demand for spay/neuter surgery in the community by as much as 1000 percent, reduced the shelter intake by 23 percent, and provided over 3000 surgeries to pet owners FREE of charge.

Our goal with the Final Fix was to identify how to motivate pet owners previously reluctant to spay and neuter and to develop a methodology to track results for better targeting. If we could accomplish these goals, we wanted to share our system with spay/neuter clinics everywhere. We have now accomplished BOTH goals and are making our experience available to others through our training program — SMART: Spay/neuter Marketing and Research Training.

For this purpose, we are providing webinars discussing key elements of our methodology – FREE of charge – thanks to the generosity of private funders and a grant from Humane Society International.

These elements can be broken down into 8 modules:

Lesson Module 1: Situation Assessment
Lesson Module 2: Advisory Committee
Lesson Module 3: Perception Research
Lesson Module 4: Animal Population Census
Lesson Module 5: Marketing Message Development
Lesson Module 6: Marketing Message Testing
Lesson Module 7: Live Marketing Implementation
Lesson Module 8: Marketing Optimization

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