• Swayzie

    I adopted Swayzie on Craigslist from a private owner who was expecting a baby and could no longer keep him. He is the best cat ever! Seriously!! He is loving, affection...

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  • Jocie anna

    Jocie is a large 9 month old Papillon who can't decide whether to be a cuddly angel or ornery as can be. She loves to play fetch and has been the star of her obedience cl...

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  • Belle

    Belle is a cuddly sweet little girl who enjoys spending time with her family and lounging on the couch. She was adopted from a family that could no longer care for her. S...

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  • Barney


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  • Princess

    Princes was the only one that made it from her little after giving her cpr. She is now a healthy 7 months old . She was giving to my little girl that has down syndrome an...

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  • chi-ke-ta

    im very low income an receive didablity- an she needs to be fixed asap.. her licence is due the 30th of april-2013.. so I can get her licnce fee down to $14 cause it went...

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Animals Needing YOUR Help

How "Get Your Fix" Works

Over 4.2 million animals are killed in U.S. shelters every year, but this can be stopped by spaying & neutering! The main reasons people do not spay/neuter are financial and the inconvenience of finding a low-cost clinic. Our mission is to make spaying and neutering easily accessible to everyone!

"Get Your Fix" is a place where pet “Owners” can meet “Funders” - a partnership that will help end companion animal overpopulation. Three easy steps:

Are you a pet Owner who needs help?
1) Create a FREE account! 
2) Create a profile for your Pet(s).
3) Wait to be selected and contacted by a Funder. 

Want to sponsor an animal by funding a fix?
1) Create a FREE account!
2) Select an animal you want to help. 
3) Contact the Owner and Clinic to coordinate or ask us to arrange it for you. 

Together we can bring an end to pet overpopulation! 


Free Dog Neutering

By becoming a Get Your Fix sponsor, you will have the ability to save the lives of millions of unwanted animals. At a low cost, you can choose a pet on the site that you would like to sponsor, and provide them a free dog neutering or cat neutering service. Get Your Fix will connect you with low cost clinics in your area, giving you the choice to pick who would like to send your sponsored pet too. Not only are you supplying a free dog spay, but a way to help curb the overpopulation problem.

The Get Your Fix foundation finds ways to help overburdened pet owners with ways to receive free dog neutering and cat neutering services.  It is an easy way to for animal lovers to make a difference, and a way for down on their luck pet owners to receive a free dog spay or cat spay. Your pet does not have to suffer due to economic problems. Get Your Fix is working hard so that millions of homeless animals are not needlessly born.

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