Daisy Duke

Daisy is the most beautiful, wonderful pet anyone could ever ask for. She is four years old, and has had puppies twice already. We love her so much. She isn't just a pet to us, she is a member of the family. My wife and I have five children, and for the last 4 years, she has been an important friend to the kids, and life without her would be empty, to say the least. Her heats have been a huge issue, as she is a house dog, and doesn't sleep outside. As well, her "son" lives with us, and he isn't fixed. We cannot afford to have her fixed, and seem to have no options... I owe it to her to do all I can to make sure she is provided for and taken care of as best possible.. Please help us help her. She deserves the world.. Meet her once and you'd love her forever.

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female, 4 years
Breed: Pit Bull
dublin, NH
Owned by: Pitbull-Lvr

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