Half the Pits-Half the Price

Now you can cut pet overpopulation thanks to a new special promotion: Half the Pits - Half the Price. While funds last, sponsor the fix for a pit bull profiled on GetYourFix.org and we will subsidize half of the cost! 

Now we can prevent unwanted breeding of pit bulls, the most euthanized dog in the U.S. The sad reality is that nearly 1 million of this type of dog are killed in shelters every year.  

To take advantage of this offer:

1. Register or login as a Sponsor (optional).

2. Search for animals that qualify. On the profile search page, select "Dogs" as your species of choice, then narrow the search down to "Pit bull" in the breed category.

3. Sponsor a Fix. Click on "Sponsor My Fix" on the profile page of your pit bull of choice. Sponsors are given two options for funding a fix on GetYourFix. You can use either option and still take advantage of the pit bull promotion.

  • Option 1. Contact the Owner:  Make an offer to an Owner to fund the spay or neuter of the chosen pit bull. Work with the Owner to find a nearby low cost spay/neuter clinic clinic and make an appointment for the fix. Contact FiXiT by email or phone (757-726-SPAY) with details of the arrangements. Please include total cost for the fix only (no vaccines, optional services), clinic name, clinic phone number, and pet profile/Owner details. We will call the clinic and make payment for half of the cost on the day of the surgery.

  • Option 2. Make a flat donation: Choose a pit bull and make a $100 flat donation for that fix. You can make this donation as a registered Sponsor or as a guest Sponsor (new). FiXiT will refund $50 of the donation.

If you have additional questions or comments, please contact us.

This promotion is available thanks to generous support from the Petco Foundation.