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As a volunteer-driven organization, volunteers play an essential role in the work of the FiXiT Foundation to bring spay and neuter to pet owners nationwide. We are seeking self-motivated, enthusiastic volunteers to spread the word about the GetYourFix program, which connects pet owners that need financial support to get their pets spayed or neutered. All we ask is a desire to reduce euthanasia and share a mission with us to end to the companion animal overpopulation crisis.


  • Get local by printing a few GetYourFix posters to have on hand to distribute the next time you go to an area business where you might find potential Funders or Owners.
  • Take our Pledge to take action to reduce companion animal overpopulation.
  • Spread the word to your animal-loving friends about us on Facebook, Twitter, or our blog feed.
  • Make a wish using Causes.com to support "11,000 Dogs & Cats Die In Shelters Every Day – Support Spay & Neuter Now!"


  • Register as a Volunteer and contact GYF Owners about local low cost options in their area and/or assist Owners with funding. You will receive interesting email challenges to keep you motivated!
  • Create a list of local low/no cost spay/neuter options in your region (search online) and make sure we have them in our NEW Clinic database. Send any we don't have to GetYourFix – include the clinic name, address, phone number, website and other important information (promotions, species/breed specials, cost).
  • Recruit Clinics to register themselves as a user of GetYourFix. By registering, they can manage their own clinic profiles and share information, such as new promotions. 


  • Help GetYourFix grow - Spread the word to pet owners that need financial assistance to have their pet spayed or neutered, potential Funders, and local low cost spay and neuter clinics. You will receive promotional materials to distribute in key locations
  • Help build your Team – Recruit volunteers to help get more animals fixed by tabling at local events and businesses, holding friend-raisers.
  • Support local fixes - Hold small fundraisers and recruit surgery Sponsors.

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