• Dora

    Dora cute little Chihuahua / Pug mix, came to us from a family who was unable to care for her. My son and I love her and her sister who also came. I am a single mother wh...

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  • Abby

    We have quite a few feral cats that wander through our backyard. My 4-year old niece enjoys feeding them scraps and watching them play. Abby was born 2 weeks ago and wa...

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  • Meow-Wow

    Our cat has gotten outside and it worries me that I wont be able to catch him. He has been an inside cat his whole life and has no skills to survive outside if he were t...

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  • Dreamer

    Dreamer is a 4 year old American Brindle Pit. She was rescued from a groomer who was going to put her down because of her breed when she was 6 months old. She has given b...

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  • Little Bit

    This is Little Bit. She is a Pit bull. I am needing help with getting her fixed. I have a male dog that stays in the house with her that is not fixed. I am wanting to get...

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  • kimerion

    kimerion is a pit bull mix he has had 3 litters of puppies and the bills are way to high to get him fix because he weights so much the lowest vet will cost around %100. H...

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How GetYourFix Works

GetYourFix is the FiXIT program designed to make zero companion animal-euthanasia a reality by targeting one of the main obstacles for caregivers to fix their animals - the expense.

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