• Pikachu

    This sweet little ball of fluff is Pikachu (the orange kid on the left). He is almost six months old. He is one of a litter of four. Pikachu and his siblings were brought...

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  • Rocky

    Meet Rocky! She is a little more than one year old! She's always been very attached to her Mommy until last May. Rocky's Mother is lost. Despite all efforts until this da...

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  • Kimber

    I would like to have my 10 month old pitt bull Kimber spayed. My children and I live on a dirt road and there are alot of stray animals dropped off here and I really don'...

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  • Nina Marie

    Nina is now 10 months old and needs to be spayed ASAP. In the area I Live in there are many dogs that just roam around the neighborhood. I have seen some of these dogs hu...

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  • blu

    I adopted blu's mother from animal welfare league for my sons birthday without knowing she was pregnant. A month later surprise I had 9 puppies on my hands. After having...

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  • Lia eisenga

    My daughter recently had to move and wasn't able to take the puppies. We took them in so they didn't have to go to a shelter. We have adopted another dog and two cats so ...

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How GetYourFix Works

GetYourFix is the FiXIT program designed to make zero companion animal-euthanasia a reality by targeting one of the main obstacles for caregivers to fix their animals - the expense.

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