World Spay Day 2014

It’s here! Fix 25 on GetYourFix!!

FiXiT wants to make a big impact for 25 animals hand-picked from by featuring them during the best time of the year: World Spay Day. Starting on Monday, February 24, we will launch an individual microfunding campaign for 6 of the 25 chosen cats and dogs. You can help us change their lives by donating as little as $10 to fund the actual cost of their spay/neuter surgeries. When the total cost has been raised for one animal, a fundraising campaign for a new cat or dog will take its place. We will continue all week long with the goal of raising funds for 25 animals!

Success! Animals funded during FiX 25 Spay Day campaign:

About GetYourFix:, a program of nonprofit organization FiXiT, is an online resource whose primary purpose is to introduce people in need of financial assistance to get the animals they care for fixed to generous people willing to sponsor a spay/neuter surgery. The site was created in response to the heartbreaking requests that we received from people wanting to do the right thing – telling us of their personal hardships and asking for our help to end the cycle of unwanted kittens and puppies. GetYourFix-registered pet owners have an extremely low income, 70 percent have a household income of less than $25,000, and 95 percent have a household income less than $50,000. As a result of this program, over 1500 surgeries have been sponsored since the launch of GetYourFix in 2011 in these low income households.

In late 2013, FiXiT launched a novel strategy to get 52 additional surgeries sponsored per year: GetYourFix Fix of the Week. A new animal profiled on GetYourFix is featured every week to allow multiple sponsors to microfund or pool their donations – as little as $10 – to raise the money to get that animal fixed. For World Spay Day 2014, GetYourFix will dramatically ramp up our Fix of the Week microfunding feature to meet a goal of helping 25 animals’ get fixed, offered to sponsors at a discounted rate from Monday February 24 – 28. Profiles will be chosen based on several criteria, including the caregiver and animal’s story, level of need, and risk of unwanted pregnancy, such as in homes with both an unaltered male and female of the same species. Please support this unique opportunity to help families in need and eliminate the risk of accidental breeding.

Announcing Fix Female Felines

FiX of the Week: Kirah

FiX of the Week: Kirah

In 2013, FiXiT made a big impact on the pit bull terrier population with several promotions that resulted in over 250 dogs getting spayed and neutered. The reason is that about one third of the animals entering shelters every year are pit bulls.

But to start 2014, we want to make sure to target another group of animals contributing to the companion animal overpopulation problem: female cats. This is the time of year when females cats born last season are reaching maturity in order to contribute their own accidental litter or two of kittens to the problem. Most cat breeding is accidental  – estimated to be at least 59 percent of all litters. We all know that spay and neuter is the answer, but in times of budgetary challenges getting a fix can not always be a priority.

In fact, last month we hit the landmark of 5000 cats that have been profiled on, whose owners need financial support to get them fixed. Many of these cats were first abandoned and then brought in by kind-hearted people that couldn’t stand and do nothing. For example, this week’s Fix of the Week, Kirah, was found abandoned by her mama cat and went through her first heat cycle just weeks ago. She needs fixed before an accident happens.

Queue celebratory horns…FIX FEMALE FELINES

FiXiT is now able to make it SUPER CHEAP to be a sponsor for these cats that need to be fixed with our NEW Fix Female Felines promotion. For just $25, you can sponsor one of the 100 female cats profiled on GetYourFix each month (get the details here). The majority of people profiling cats on our site have more than one cat that needs fixed – making these high risk situations that we can make a huge impact on by preventing accidental breeding.

This offer only lasts for a short time. Make a difference by helping those that help animals. Sponsor the fix for a female feline today!

2013 Sponsor of the Year

Tia, on of Jill's sponsored pit bull terriers

Tia, one of Jill’s sponsored pit bull terriers. Click to see more on Pinterest!

This year the frontrunner for our esteemed honor of 2013 Sponsor of the Year came out of the blue. On November 7, Jill sponsored her first dog, Stinky, and from then on a whirlwind of activity made her the clear choice for making an impact on the animals profiled on GetYourFix. Since that first one, 42 surgeries have been sponsored — 19 fixes are completed so far. Remember, this process started less than two months ago!

Like previous Sponsors of the Year, Robin and Sophie, Jill has a passion for animals that goes beyond the animals she helps on GetYourFix.  She herself has three dogs and another she rescued just last Friday. Her rescue experience goes back 15 years and during that time she developed a passion for pit bulls. “I decided years ago, based on what I had experienced and learned, that I wanted, I needed, to do something to help the plight of pit bulls.” Her worry is the misrepresentation of pit bulls by the media, and wants to “raise awareness about the true nature of pit bulls and what wonderful pets they make.”

The key to solving this problem is population control. She remarks, “The majority of dogs in animal controls across the US are pit bulls and pit bull mixes.  The majority of the dogs being euthanized……are pit bulls.” Therefore, spay and neuter is of the utmost importance to her. She has taken advantage of the now completed Half the Pits – Half the Price promotion on GetYourFix, allowing her donation dollars to go a long way. In addition to her amazing generosity with animals from all over the country on GetYourFix, she runs a free pit bull spay/neuter program, Fix-A-Bull, in her local area in collaboration with the HELP Low Cost Spay/Neuter clinic.

Since becoming a sponsor, Jill has kindly spread the word about GetYourFix to friends, family, and colleagues and points out these things about the program that she appreciates (her words!):

“(1) you get to pick the animal you want to help,
(2) FiXiT will do all the coordination/communication unless you want to get involved,
(3) you know exactly what your donation will be used for….surgery for the animal you select and
(4) the servicing vet or clinic does not get paid until the surgery has been performed.”

Jill is an inspiration to all of us on the FiXiT team. If her generosity and compassion has inspired you, too,  consider becoming a sponsor on GetYourFix! It’s super easy  – register here – and in minutes we bet your find a furry face that you want to help. Or start small by helping our Fix of the Week – pool your donation, as little as $10, with others to get a fix for a special featured animal!

Launching FiX of the Week

We often get requests to make smaller donation that can contribute to the fix of an animal on GetYourFix. FiXiT has dabbled in crowdfunding, most recently with a successful campaign for a Super Spay/Neuter Event. When a few of us come together, we can accomplish so much! Microfunding is a type of crowdfunding, but makes the project goal smaller in scale with a more focused impact. By using this strategy, we can get more spay and neuter surgeries funded for animals in need profiled on

This week we are launching “Fix of the Week,” a new microfunding option that will pool donations together to help fund an additional 52 animals profiled on GetYourFix per year.

A new Getyourfix profile will be featured every Monday with donations gathered through the next Sunday in order to pay for the cost of the featured animal’s spay or neuter surgery. Instead of each donor sponsoring one fix in its entirety, multiple donors can pool money together – as little as $10 – to sponsor a spay or neuter. We will feature the profiles on, GetYourFix, and social media.

For the Fix of the Week, we are using to gathering donations. This is a FREE online fundraising platform – no precious dollars lost that could help animals. Your donations go straight to FiXiT’s PayPal account, so that we can pay the clinic directly for the surgery at a nearest low cost spay/neuter clinic of the featured animal.

To launch FiX of the Week, we have chosen a special pit bull terrier, Stitch. He is a pit bull mix who lost his first mom to cancer. His second mom, Mary, agreed to take Stitch in so he could still be close to his family during the hard times, but shortly after she lost her job. The financial strain has been very hard and plans to get him up to date on his shots and neutered have not happened. He has a loving family that takes him everywhere, but he needs to keep his hormones in check around females.

You can make a donation and read more about Stitch’s story by clicking on his picture.

These Are a Few of Our Favorite Pits

Between 1.5 – 4 million pit bulls can be found in the U.S., just 2-5% of homes. Last year, 1.1 million pit bulls entered U.S. shelters. Therefore, at least one quarter of the entire pit bull population is relinquished to shelters every year. This is an unheard of and heartbreaking situation.

FiXiT is fighting to keep pit bull terrier mixes out of the shelters by reducing the chances of breeding every day. This year we have fixed many with our Free Pit Bull Fix and Half the Pits-Half the Price promotions this year. However, we are upon the season of Pit Bull Awareness Day, so I wanted to highlight some special dogs from all over the country that are looking to get support for their spay or neuter RIGHT NOW.

Consider sponsor a fix for one of these special pups profiled on in honor of Pit Bull Awareness Day:


Miley Girl – Meriden, CT


Kalypso – Milton, DE


Sky – St. Louis, MO


Tyson – Moreno Valley, CA


Princess – Flatwoods, KY

Big Wins for Pit Bull Terriers

Approximately one third of animals euthanized in shelters every year are pit bull terriers/mixes. The euthanasia rate at some shelters for pit bull terriers is as high as 99% and averages at 80%. These horrifying statistics are what drove FiXiT to look for help for these polarizing pups. We first launched the GetYourFix Half the Pits – Half the Price campaign to get more sponsors to help spay and neuter pit bulls back in February.

Then in April, FiXiT announced a new promotion to offer free spay and neuter service to any pit bull terrier or mix that was profiled on from eight specific states – an offer paid for with a grant from Best Friends Animal Society. At the time, we predicted that we could fix 100 pit bull terrier mixes, but last month we exhausted the funds and exceeded our expectations. We stretched our donated dollars to save 135 dogs from contributing hundreds, if not thousands, more unwanted pit bulls into the shelter system.

The caregivers demonstrated their dire financial circumstances which draws people to ask for help on GetYourFix – 70 percent of households have an income of less than $25,000. The importance of finances as a consideration is made even more clear by the responses given when asked what the primary reason prevented them from altering their pit bull terrier. The majority, 64.5 percent, of participants cited “Expense” as the primary deterrent. Missouri and Georgia residents benefited the most, together making up two-thirds of surgeries we provided.

We continue to look for more funds to reduce the number of all animals that end up homeless, especially these dogs whose reputation and size prevents them from finding a forever home. But you can still help pit bulls get spayed or neutered on It is easier than ever to find an animal that speaks to you and sponsor their spay or neuter surgery with our expanded search functions.

Here are some of the dogs that received a free spay/neuter thanks to this promotion:


Let’s Have a Super (Spay) Day

FiXiT began to use a new strategy to help end the ongoing killing of millions of companion animals every year. Our ongoing efforts focus on St. Croix, a Caribbean island that suffers from a severe dog and cat overpopulation crisis. 4 out of 5 animals that enter the shelter are euthanized—6 times greater than the national average—because the community is reluctant to spay and neuter their pets. FiXiT continue our work in St. Croix to determine how they could change these statistics with our marketing and incentive-based strategies. We have increased demand for spay-and-neuter by as much as 1000 percent – providing over 3,000 free surgeries in this community. In 2013, there has been a 23 percent decrease in the animal shelter’s intake—a very promising trend. But it is not over…

Watch our new video about this project:

We have launched a crowdfunding project that will give us the opportunity to provide a super spay/neuter event, providing much-needed service to 60 animals, and to help reach the tipping point for bringing an end to companion animal overpopulation on St. Croix. We hope to raise $1800 to fund the fixes. Please consider a giving a gift – large or small. We can’t reach our goal of a NO KILL community without you!

Learn more and donate at

No More Homeless Pets for Father’s Day

man and dogSummertime is here and this weekend a lot of us will take some time to celebrate the man that taught us to ride a bike, build a fire, or swing a bat. My dad gave me the gift of being an animal person – one that I has ultimately guided many of my life’s biggest decisions. So this year to celebrate, I am going to put my money where my mouth is and give him a special gift.

For Mother’s Day, FiXiT announced our new GetYourFix Sponsorship, which allows any gift recipient the ability to go to GetYourFix and choose one of the hundreds of animals all over the country that need assistance to get fixed. Just enter a coupon code that is immediately sent to you (and your recipient, if you choose). Within minutes, your dad or any gift recipient could have an animal in need on its way to getting a fix and ending a constant cycle of unwanted breeding.

Just go to our new donation page, click on the GIFT A FIX tab, and then check on the “Give your special someone a GetYourFix Sponsorship” box. You will also be directed to a page with printable gift cards, where you can write a special note and include the gift coupon code, if you prefer.

Just like on, a sponsorship costs $100, but the GetYourFix team will handle all of the details. We will contact the animal’s owner, help choose a clinic and set up an appointment, and then on the day of surgery provide payment to get the animal spayed or neutered. We will give your gift recipient ongoing updates during the process, until the fix is complete.

I know that my dad will appreciate this opportunity to keep unwanted animals out of shelters and prevent animals from a life too short. If you think that your dad would too, give the GetYourFix Sponsorship for Father’s Day!

Give a Gift a Fix Sponsorship TODAY!! For more information, go to our Gift a Fix information page.

An Ounce of Prevention during Adopt-a-Cat Month

causes picJune is National Adopt-a-Cat month in the United States. Why? Shelters are flooded with hundreds of cats and kittens that are a product of cats’ peak reproductive season. Shelters all over the country have every nook and cranny busting with litters of kittens and nursing cats mamas that need to find homes. The need for help is great! Together we can stop this annual influx by bringing an end to unwanted cat breeding.

We have discussed many ways to volunteer and help in your local area in our previous Causes Pledge: Take Action this Kitten Season. Here we have made it even easier to prevent ongoing cat breeding this season with NEW developments on FiXiT’s

1. Watch and share FiXiT’s new video on YouTube. Spread the word to your social network about how works to people that might be willing to sponsor a fix for a cat that is cared for by someone less fortunate.

2. Register as a Sponsor: Choose  “I would like to be notified when a new profiled animal is in my area.” Receive an email every week when new animals are profiled in your local area. Share profiles to your social network and save global by spaying local.

3. Pledge “An Ounce of Prevention during Adopt-a-Cat Month” on

You can help cats on that will contribute to the overpopulation problem in your area or all over the country, if left unaltered. We can end cat homelessness and the need for Adopt-a-Cat Month – one fix at a time!


Best Mother’s Day Present Ever

Gift dog and catThis Sunday is Mother’s Day, and FiXiT is now offering the perfect present for the woman who has always been there for you – our NEW Gift a FiX Sponsorship! Previously, we provided a Gift a Fix option that provided FiXiT a donation in honor of your gift recipient to support our programs that are providing new solutions for ending the companion animal overpopulation crisis.

NOW, we have started a whole new ball game. We have updated our donation page AND provide an instant unique coupon code to you and your gift recipient via email. Just go to our new donation page, click on the GIFT A FIX tab, and then check on the “Give your special someone a GetYourFix Sponsorship” box. You will also be directed to a page with printable gift cards, where you can write a special note and include the gift coupon code, if you prefer.

With this code, your special someone can go to and CHOOSE the animal that they want to get fixed! Within minutes, your gift recipient could have an animal in need on its way to getting a fix and ending a constant cycle of unwanted breeding.

Just like on, a sponsorship costs $100, but the GetYourFix team will handle all of the details. We will contact the animal’s owner, help choose a clinic and set up an appointment, and then on the day of surgery provide payment to get the animal spayed or neutered. We will give your gift recipient ongoing updates during the process, until the fix is complete.

Your gift gives the opportunity for the animal lover in your life to become part of the solution for ending animal homelessness.

Give Gift a Fix Sponsorship TODAY!! For more information, go to our Gift a Fix information page.


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